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Figures, dates, facts

The area of the district extends from the south of Dresden to the border of the Czech Republic.

The district’s size is 1.654,18 km2 and its seat is located in Pirna. 36 towns and municipalities, including the four major towns of Pirna, Freital, Dippoldiswalde and Sebnitz belong to the district.

  • area: 1.654,18 km² (source: Statistisches Landesamt Sachsen, 31.12.2015)
  • population: 247.421 (source: Statistisches Landesamt Sachsen, 30.09.2016)
  • population density: 150 per km² (source: Statistisches Landesamt Sachsen, 31.12.2015)
  • municipalities:
    • 36 municipalities
    • 19 towns
    • including the four major towns (source: Statistisches Landesamt Sachsen - 01.01.2009)
  • Administrative Head: Michael Geisler
  • number plate: PIR
  • extension:
    • North-South: 41 km
    • East-West: 69 km
  • The centre of the district (regarding the extension) is in the municipality of Bahretal at the foot of the mountain Bahraberg in the direction of Friedrichswalde-Ottendorf at the district road K 8757.
  • northernmost point: at the boundary of Stolpen
  • easternmost point: in Hinterhermsdorf / part of Sebnitz
  • southernmost point: in Altenberg
  • westernmost point: in Wilsdruff


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